What is a Dummy Ticket?

A dummy ticket, also known as a flight itinerary or flight reservation, is a document that looks like an authentic flight ticket but is not actually a confirmed booking. These are typically used for various purposes, such as visa applications or travel plans, where proof of travel is required without the need to purchase a non-refundable ticket upfront.

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What is a Dummy Ticket Used For?

A dummy ticket is primarily used for dummy flight booking for visa. Embassies, consulates, or visa application centres generally ask for flight reservations at the time of visa application. Dummy tickets are used in this situation as proof of return to ensure that you will not overstay.

Here are the main uses of a dummy ticket:

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Dummy Airline Ticket

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Verified flight reservation.

A maximum of two flights is permitted.

48 hours to 7 days of validity Depending on travel dates.

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Dummy Hotel Booking

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Verified hotel reservation.

A maximum of two hotel bookings is permitted.

Valid up to a couple of days before to the intended check-in date

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Flight ticket for a return
trip with an E ticket number

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Ticket for a Confirmed Flight with Payment Information & E-Ticket Number

A maximum of one sector is permitted.

The cancellation won't happen until you get there

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How To Make a Dummy Ticket With Us

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Purpose Of Booking A Dummy Ticket

Dummy tickets are used for several purposes. The primary purpose of these is to submit visa applications for:

USA, China, United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Schengen Countries, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, Cuba, Sri Lanka, and many more.

Other purposes of dummy tickets include:

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Using a Dummy Flight Ticket Legal or Illegal?

Dummy tickets, or flight reservations on hold with pending payment, are legally accepted and widely used for visa applications. They act as proof of travel plans, helping to prevent visa cancellations. To ensure authenticity, it is crucial to obtain a genuine dummy ticket with a live and verifiable PNR.

Does PNR Display on the Airline Website?

Yes, our services include providing a dummy ticket that comes with an active PNR. You can easily check the status of your ticket by visiting the airline's website and entering your PNR along with your last name, as it appears on your passport.

Can I Get a Visa With a Dummy Ticket?

Yes, you can use a dummy ticket to apply for a visa in many countries. Flight reservations are often required by embassies during the visa application process. It's important to check the specific requirements for your destination country to confirm if a flight reservation is needed. If it is, you can proceed with using a dummy ticket for your visa application.

Which Dummy Airline Ticket Do You Provide?

We offer dummy tickets for all airlines, with the exception of low-cost flights, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your travel needs.

Exactly Which Airlines Provide Dummy Tickets?

A "dummy ticket" refers to a flight reservation, typically not available for low-cost carriers (LCC). However, many non-LCC airlines provide dummy tickets, including Air India, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, British Airways, Air France, Emirates, Etihad, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and more. Notable LCCs include Indigo, GoAir, Air Asia, and Air Arabia, among others.